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Client reporting remains the most tangible evidence of the relationship between your firm and your clients. ClientRep™ automatically creates professional client statements and meeting presentations that enable you to provide customized reports for each client, presenting a consistent company image that will leave a lasting impression. With a simple mouse-click, report configuration and consolidation options let you launch a full production or customized print run of professional and easy-to-read reports.

ClientRep can also provide automated creation and delivery of internal management reports savings time, money and resources.

ClientRep offers a new world of creative possibilities with all of the accountability a fiduciary requires. It restores the control that has been lost in the statement production process—the loosely-coupled collection of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and manual graphics files that many firms have come to rely on form a giant audit hole where material error and omission can occur. Investment Management benefits from ClientRep because it receives:

  • Reports based on data that is consolidated from your accounting system, in-house systems, and external data providers. .

  • User-specified performance periods and index comparisons. .

  • Flexible reports based on a set of predefined options to control the level of summary/detail to display in each report section. .

  • A consolidated data repository—one place to store all relevant reporting data for the entire firm. .

  • Increased efficiencies and cost reductions in Operations. .

  • The option to address householding by calculating performance across groups of accounts..

  • Easy interface with leading portfolio accounting, CRM and document management systems, as well as secure client portals.

Industries: Banks & Credit Unions, Investment, Securities, & Holding Companies

Business Needs: Data Storage/Warehousing, Forecasting, Workflow, Reporting & Decision Support, Reports/Analytics

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