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CRM Division

The power of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) cannot be understated. The past nearly 30 years have seen simple database products acting as automated roladexes grow to a many billion dollar industry. And not without reason. Sales has always been the engine of every company. Without a strong sales force, competitive forces will drown you.

Database automation found it first path in the accounting industry. The complexities of the back office made this domain a prime target for database application. It was over ten years before databases found their way into the sales arena. Contact Management found its birth and future generations led to CRM.

The industry has bloosomed over the past 25+ years. There have been literally 100's of entries into this space. Only a few have maintain a solid base. Those that do remain have broken into On Premise and Cloud based products. Only a couple of products can claim strong entries in both arenas. Sage has managed to implement three products that provide both cloud and On Primise entries in order to coverr the small, medium and large company markets space.

Sage has provided ACT! By Sage which is the unchallenged market leader in the small market space. Sage CRM on Premise and Sage CRM Cloud will the small to mid-market venue. The big brother, Sage SalesLogix covers the Mid-to Large market space. All three entries provide On Premise, Cloud, and Web options along with mobile, and disconnected clients. All these products are award winning well recognized products.

ISSI also supports MS Dynamics CRM entry. It works best in the small to mid-market space. It also has an On Primise and Cloud application with mobile capability.

ISSI additionally works with Sage TeleMagic as the older brother to all these products. We have customers that started using TeleMagic implememted by ISSI in 1985.

Our entry into CRM started with TeleMagic (Owned by Sage and now one of its CRM offerings) in 1985 that provide contact management and later evolved into strong entry in the CRM marketplace. We now provide a full spectrum of product. Products including TeleMagic, ACT! By Sage, Both Sage CRM (on Premise) and Sage CRM (Cloud) that work well in the small to medium size implementations. We also provide more robust, customizable CRM solutions using Sage SalesLogix and Microsoft Dynamics CRM that target medium to larger corporations. We have implemented single user solutions to hundreds of users.

A successul CRM project is not just software. Success is a blend of:

  • Selecting the right CRM software,

  • Soliciting and understanding the client's needs and processes that are right for automation,

  • Skilled trainers and consultants and,

  • The expertice to tie all of them together.

    Our over 25 years of CRM experience in many different industries positions ISSI to be a great partner with our clients.

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