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focus on current injury and post surgery treatments. We provide products that are cutting edge that can lead to faster recovery and more consistent applicatioin of professionaly recommended treatment.
Controlled Cryotherapy (CCT)

Controlled Cryotherapy (CCT) unit is our first entry into the injury and post-operative treatment arena.

The professional trainer, physician or coach can only recommend the right treatment. They cannot ensure their treatment regiment is carrier out….That is until now.

Our innovative CTT is a self contained three inch cube that is strapped over the injuried or surgical "wound" area. The professional sets the desired temperature, the on/off cycle time, and number of recommended cycles. Once activated, the device controls temperature, time and number of cycles. AND, equally important, the treatment record is maintain on board the CCT's controller. The data can be off loaded to a printer, computer, or other external devices.

Now, the professional managing the treatment can review the actual treatment history and plan the next treatment regiment based on history and physical observation. Since the device can provide both heat and cooling between 20o F and 150o F alternate cooling and heating cycles can be applied if the professional's treatment regiment warrants it.

The base CCT unit controls thermal treatment, time and cycle. Advanced versions of CCT will provide pressure control, Tens treatment, and Massage. The unit is simple and compact, yet feature rich. The unit can be controlled on-board or via handhelds, computers, and phones. Connectivity will be available via cable, wireless and Internet connection.

Professionals will enjoy the treatment controls, remote access, and treatment history provide with the divice. Patients will enjoy the convenience and consistency of treatment that lead to the best treatment available for injuries and post-operative treatment.

Service and support issues can be managed remotely to insure the most effective and timely assistance and corrective results.

Our product objective will be to inject creativity and cutting edge technology into the mudain. We believe control is the hidden muscle that closes the circle to successful treatment. CCT brings this in Aces!

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