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Eventix Engagement is about to make your professional services project management and time billing a whole lot easier. Tasks such as tracking project work and expenses can now be accomplished easily with just a few mouse clicks. By using Eventix Engagement, your project information will always be up-to-date. You can generate reports off your past project records to show which projects were profitable. Combining Sage SalesLogix with Eventix Engagement means that you can store all your account, contact, opportunity, project, time, and expense information in one system. No longer will you have to do double or triple data entry to maintain project, billing, and customer information. Another advantage of Eventix Engagement is that it is completely customizable to your requirements!

  • Forecast your professional services team utilization

  • Know who is working on what project and when tasks have to be completed

  • Easily track outstanding issues with responsible parties

  • Reduce your non-billable project administration time

  • Track purchase orders and budgets for each project and know the balance for each

  • Use the fee adjustments to set billing rates on a per project basis

  • Tracks both actual and billed time and expenses

  • Timely capture of hours and expense detail lets you bill for all services your firm has rendered

  • Stop losing billable time by knowing who hasn't entered time and expenses every day

  • Easily invoice projects on a time and materials, flat fee, or pre-bill basis in different currencies

  • Project templates let you repeat best practices easily

Industries: Software Consulting & Development

Business Needs: Budgeting, Progress Billing, Project/Job Costing, Project/Job Scheduling, Time & Expense

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