What we do:

Our CRM Services
extend from Needs assessment to post implementation support...

Our TeleMarketing Services include lead enhancement and lead generation to Sales, order entry and support...

Our Medical Products
focus on current injury and post surgery treatments. We provide products that are cutting edge that can lead to faster recovery and more consistent applicatioin of professionaly recommended treatment.
Installation and Implementation

Installation includes:
  • Basic application, e.g., CRM software This is commonly is a very short process for a network. 4-16 hours. Installation is not required for Cloud, but there are some setup features that are still part of the implementation.

  • Communications server – 4-8 hours. If the client does a great deal of e-mail or other direct connect, this may be required. There are email services that link to most CRM software today, so most businesses needed eMarketing, will implement one of these services

  • Fax server – 8 hours. Assumes the client does faxing off their network server so that the local user does not have to use time faxing locally. This is rarely done today. Services are available for generating large volumes of faxes and you are also protected from legal intrution issues when you use service providers.

  • Data Synch server – 8 hours for the server and 2 hours per remote user. This allows remote users to update periodically so that the data they use is the most current data for their work activities off line.

  • Web server – Some CRM On Premise software run on Web servers or provide alternative Web options. This process is usually about eight hours. Special Internet access may be required.

  • Depending on the client's in-house capabilities, we may be asked to support the network installation and hardware. We can provide these services, assist, or recommend upgrades or modifications needed.

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