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QGate developed intelli-CTi so it can be integrated into a wide variety of third party systems so you can:
  • Dial contacts and accounts at the touch of a button within the CRM system, Capture contact and account call details and statistics, Incorporate telephony activity within your established reporting processes.

Intelli-CTi delivers easier access to contacts in your CRM database. Call them at the touch of a button or identify a caller before you even pick up the phone. Productivity will increase along with your management and understanding of customers and prospects.
intelli-CTi helps create what is known as the Blowfish Effect: it can make you look bigger than you really are. By making telephony a key part of your IT infrastructure, you can provide completely integrated customer services and streamline all your sales and marketing activities.

Intelli-CTi Desktop edition
intelli-CTi Desktop edition is the key middleware component of intelli-CTi. It delivers fundamental CTI in TAPI and TSAPI environments and gives users the ability to identify caller details as the phone's ringing and use power dialling from their desktop. This core middleware component can be integrated into a range of third party systems using the intelli-CTi Software Development Kit.

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Business Needs: Contact Management

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