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Our Medical Products
focus on current injury and post surgery treatments. We provide products that are cutting edge that can lead to faster recovery and more consistent applicatioin of professionaly recommended treatment.
Medical Products Overview
There is a wide spectrum of medical devices use to treat patients recoverying from injury and joint & ligament surgery. We continually search for new treatment releases to ensure our clients have every treatment option available. We also will insure full support and service for our entire produce line.

In addition to products manufactured by other providers, we have our own innovations. Our most powerful product is a controlled thermal treatment device that is aimed at acute injuries like strains, sprains, deep bruses, and post-ligament or joint surgical recovery.

All professionals make treatement decisions based on availability, simplicity, and cost. Although a bag of ice, frozen peas, or frozen chemical or composites are simply to apply and are low cost. Unfortunately, they are sloppy and inconvenient. These characteristics lead to poor follow through and limited consistency in treatment. As such, these options are the least attractive from a control point of view.

More sophistocated circulating water treatment is much more consistent, but they are significantly more expensive and cannot reach the depth of cooling as rapidly as ice. They frequently cool larger areas than is necessary. Some of these devices are bulky and not portable. Although control is improved over ice, cost and inconvenience are still issues.

Many of these units are simply circulating ice water with temperature control. These units periodically require adding ice. Some more advanced units have solid state cooling for circulating water. These units minimize the inconvenience of managing ice, but are still expensive and bulky thus making them less practical and accessible for simple, home injury treatment.

Ice, frozen products, and circulating cool water can provide the basic recommended treatment with pain releaf and improved recovery when the treatment schedule is followed. The problem is that most patients are not diligent in following the recommended treatment regiment.

Adding ice to a bag, freezing a thermal pouch, or using a bag of frozen peas to implement the treatment works well for the first round, but sooner or later the patient or his care giver loses track of time leading to excess or "under" icing. Ice begins to melt and the level of desired cooling is not met. Condensation forms and bags begin to leak leading to messy treatment. Trotting back and forth to the freezer gets old. All this leads to poor treatment and longer recovery time.

Even with many of the cooled water circulation devices you have to replace the ice in the container to assure that the temperature stays constant. There are some water circulating devices that control the water temperature, but they too lack timer and cycle control and are cumbersome and not mobile. The circulating water units often cool large areas outside the treatment area. The excessive treatment may impact overall treatment.

We intentionally carry a broad spectrum of products to allow our clients to make the best financial and convenience decisions for their situation. Often our clients use a mix of products to fit the conditional needs of portability, control and physical setting.

We see our role not only to source excellent products, but to implement innovative medical devices. Our proprietary devices bring the conventional treatment into the 21st century with advanced controls leading to greater compliance to prescribed treatment. Our devices also provide historical records and optional massage, Tens treatment and pressure management.

Our products are assembled in the USA. We use and manufacture as many of the sub-assemblies for our products in the USA as possible. We are proud of our innovations and made in America policies.

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