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extend from Needs assessment to post implementation support...

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Needs analysis/Assessment

This is one of the most critical and frequently the source for a great return on investment (ROI) of a successful CRM project. The investment here can be returned many fold over. ISSI is a strong advocate for this part of the process and can always identify at least one powerrful implementation.

In addition to ROI, the Needs Analysis is aimed at:

  • Identifying content details

  • Uncovering Integration issues

  • Calculating hardware requirements

  • Making decisions about On Primise, Cloud, disconnected, remote, and mobile use

  • Enumerating data sources and migration issues

  • Defining customization and configuration design requirements

  • Clarifying administration plans

  • Determining training needs and Ongoing support requirements

  • Evaluating the expertise and experience of not only the Technical team but also the end users

  • Outlining the best fit financing.

Equally important is assessing internal support for the project. We need to know that there is top down support as well as bottom up value. Without both, a project will not achieve full value.

The needs analaysis also determines where to apply automation value in four primary sectors:

  • Communications issues among employees, client to company, vendor to company or distributor to company. Will there be a need for integration with other applications, e.g., Accounting packages, etc. Will there be a need for a Fax, Synch, Web, and Communication servers in addition to the Application server.

  • Output needs - Types of reporting daily, weekly, management Vs end-user. This helps define the database content and view design.

  • Process flow and product useage by sales, customer service., technical services, marketing, administration, ccounting, shipping, manufacturing and any other department needs input for any other part of the business. What access does each group need now and the future. Is remote, internet, mobile or disconnected access required?

  • What is the current system in use? Not only the version of applications, but also the hardware and network status. Will it accommodate expansion and the size of database being managed. Other technical issues are also reviewed.

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