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Paribus for SalesLogix is based on the power of Paribus's sophisticated data matching engine. It enables the update of your SalesLogix database, including all of your custom tables and any associations you've created. If your database is full of duplicates, if you risk degrading your data every time you import a new list, if you need to deduplicate your data WITH NO LOSS OF DATA and the ability to retrieve specifically retained duplicate entries, you need Paribus for SalesLogix.

Paribus for SalesLogix enables the management and elimination of duplicates by running sophisticated data matching processes. It then enables account and contact data merging and the creation and maintenance of a consolidated and standardized version of your data. You can very quickly run a cost effective and sophisticated data quality extension to your CRM system. Data matching with Paribus is the basis of best practice data management.

Custom technology for SalesLogix
Paribus for SalesLogix enables data merging well beyond the standard SalesLogix merge function and maintains data integrity even within systems with remote databases. 
Generate audit reports on all changes to a SalesLogix database, synchronize contact & associated record merging and Maintain full data integrity.

Custom technology for data migration
Paribus for SalesLogix also includes new plug in technology for data migration with Inaport and Scribe.

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, Budgeting, Data Storage/Warehousing, Member Management, Property Management

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