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The Physician's Liaison System (PLS) is based on the leading Customer Relationship Management System, Sage SalesLogix. PLS is a comprehensive and dynamic system providing tools for managing physician relationships. PLS gives your organization easy access to your physician and practice information and can integrate to your back-office. Users are able to view at a glance all information on any physician including calls, meetings, tasks, emails, statistics, notes, personal data, service volume, and issue resolution information. Managers have insight to liaison action plans, activity levels, and what physicians are contributing to hospital performance.

PLS provides the tools to manage all aspects of a physician relationship with your hospital. It is a single repository for physician and practice information captured across your entire organization that enables users to access detail information regarding the history of how a doctor works with your organization.

PLS is organized and simple to use, putting the information and resources you need to manage various aspects of your business at your fingertips.

PLS allows a user to search the physician database and return results based on flexible yet powerful search criteria.
Track referral dates, service line information, category, patient type, and number of surgeries, procedures, and admissions at the doctor level.

Industries: Healthcare Facility Management, Hospitals, Offices & Clinics of Healthcare Providers

Business Needs: Electronic Medical Records, Practice Management, Project/Job Scheduling, Talent Management, Time Management, Regulatory Management

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