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focus on current injury and post surgery treatments. We provide products that are cutting edge that can lead to faster recovery and more consistent applicatioin of professionaly recommended treatment.
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With data de-duplication at point of entry, PowerEntry ensures the highest quality of data capture within your SalesLogix database. Any newly entered contact or account is interrogated for potentially duplicate data.

How PowerEntry matches data

PowerEntry for SalesLogix incorporates QGate's powerful intelliSearch technology for data matching.  Whether you're looking for an Account or Contact, or PowerEntry is doing the looking for you - to prevent you from entering a duplicate record - intelliSearch's sophisticated fuzzy matching returns potentially matching data that you may not have found with the traditional lookup functions within SalesLogix.  intelliSearch is integrated into SalesLogix so you can use it as your default Account and Contact look up tool to find matches based upon:

  • Phonetic likeness

  • Synonyms

  • Name variations
. . . and irrespective of:
  • Noise words

  • Word segmentation

  • Spelling errors

  • Sequence

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, Budgeting

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