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Stonefield Query for SalesLogix® is a user-friendly report writing, query, and data mining tool designed specifically for SalesLogix. You no longer need to call an IT specialist every time you need a report. Now your sales people, administrative staff, and management can create their own reports in minutes. Stonefield Query for SalesLogix can handle virtually all of your reporting needs.


  • Tables are organized into logical data groups. Rather than selecting from over a hundred tables when creating a new report, the user first selects the data group they wish to work with, then selects from the small set of tables in that data group.

  • Customized table and field captions for base tables are automatically supported.

  • Multi-Database Support: A single report can be run against each of your SalesLogix databases without making changes to the report.

  • Calculated fields defined in SalesLogix, including those involving local joins, are automatically supported.

  • User-defined tables, fields, and relationships are automatically supported.

  • Stonefield Query for SalesLogix automatically retrieves lookup information for some fields, such as user name and activity or history type, so no data joins are required, resulting in greatly improved performance.

  • Stonefield Query for SalesLogix can report on information in QuoteWerks, a quoting system that integrates seamlessly with SalesLogix.

Product ID: Stonefield Query for Sage SalesLogix

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Data Storage/Warehousing, Property Management

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