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The software applications utilized in business today contain an abundance of information. Hidden in all the transactions is information that requires your attention. Expiring quotes. Overdue activities. Changes in the pipeline. Low stock levels. Support activities behind schedule. And customers whose buying patterns have changed. Every minute that this information goes undetected – and unresponded to –costs your organization. Lost productivity, lost revenue, and lost customer loyalty. Can your organization afford that?

KnowledgeSync -- Your Invisible Assistant
Identifying and acting on important business information is what KnowledgeSync is all about. It is an automated system that lets you tell it what conditions to watch for, and how to respond to those conditions when they occur. Using advanced Data Mining capabilities, KnowledgeSync can identify the precise conditions that are critical to the success of your organization. And unlike simple alerting solutions, KnowledgeSync's "Active Alerts" technology lets you do far more than just send out an "email reminder". Whether it's generating invoices, work orders, or picking lists, whether it's pushing critical information to a web portal, or whether it's executing workflow to schedule intelligent follow-up activities, KnowledgeSync is an enterprise-level solution that brings corporate awareness to a whole new level.

Flexible, Intelligent Alerts
Content, format, and delivery. These are the 3 keys to effective alert management. KnowledgeSync's alert messages can contain as much – or as little – information as is required; individual messages may be casual or may appear as Forms or Documents. They may contain content from one application or from multiple applications. Supported message formats include HTML, PDF, Excel, and Word.

Choose from executive-level summaries or detailed listings. And as for message delivery methods, KnowledgeSync includes:

  • E-mail

  • Pop-up message

  • Fax

  • Pager

  • PDA

  • Cellular phone

  • Web Browser

Task-Specific Workflow
Keeping your organization – and your customers – informed often requires more than just alerts. Business applications are critical to managing your data and to your organization's success. Those applications let your staff track what they have done, and what they need to do. And that's why KnowledgeSync combines Alerting with Workflow; so that KnowledgeSync can update your applications with the details of not only what has happened – but what has to happen to keep your organization running smoothly. And KnowledgeSync's Alerting and Workflow are not limited to working with just one application; you can integrate all of your business applications with KnowledgeSync, ensuring a true enterprise-wide solution.

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