What we do:

Our CRM Services
extend from Needs assessment to post implementation support...

Our TeleMarketing Services include lead enhancement and lead generation to Sales, order entry and support...

Our Medical Products
focus on current injury and post surgery treatments. We provide products that are cutting edge that can lead to faster recovery and more consistent applicatioin of professionaly recommended treatment.
B2B TeleServices Overview

There are many advantages of using us to do the different kinds of business-to-business teleservices campaigns on an "as needed" basis rather than bringing those functions in-house. It's more than just the cost of calling: it's also the management, auditing, staffing, recruiting, training, insuring, and on and on. We've spent years developing our efficiencies, and we've learned how to produce at optimum levels.

We provide:

  • Innovation

  • Low cost

  • Quality of Service

  • Eliminate Expensive Staffing

  • Increase Your Flexibility

  • Tandem Team work

  • System Set-up

  • Database Set-up

We provide a wide variety of TeleServies:

  • New Business Development

  • Event Marketing

  • Customer Development

  • Market Research

  • Lead Generation

  • Lead Enhancements

  • Fulfillment Services

  • Customer Service and support

  • Database Clean-up

  • Order Entry

  • Publisher Services: New name acquisition,, Re-qualifications, Advanced renewal, End-of-series renewal, Donor renewal, Continuity programs, Reinstates/reactivations. Cross-sells or upsells

A significant reason for our success is that we provide assured quality control. Our clients expect us to walk in their shoes. We become a part of their team. If we do not succeed neither does our client. Their success is our success.

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