What we do:

Our CRM Services
extend from Needs assessment to post implementation support...

Our TeleMarketing Services include lead enhancement and lead generation to Sales, order entry and support...

Our Medical Products
focus on current injury and post surgery treatments. We provide products that are cutting edge that can lead to faster recovery and more consistent applicatioin of professionaly recommended treatment.
Telemarketing Services
New Business Development

It takes up to 50 phone calls to find each new client that understands and needs what you have to offer. Finding them and priming them for your salespeople requires true professional skill and experience.
To drive your sales programs, you need to support post-marketing efforts by qualifying business opportunities, and assure We can provide elements you need to assure a closed-loop sales and reporting process.
Event Marketing

Marketing events like conferences, seminars, trade shows, public relations tours and web casts are an important part of any marketing strategy.
Pre- and post- event marketing services are critically important to make sure your events are attended by the right people and that each attendee is followed up with in a timely and professional manner. Finding those hidden nuggets of opportunity that would normally be lost can make the difference between a successful multi-city seminar series and a costly failure. Professional teleservices helps ensure a "full house".

Customer Development

If you need to understand why your customers buy from you and determine if there is more potential, look for a professional services like ours to uncover thousands of dollars of new business from your current clients while at the same time keeping them happy with what they buy now.
To drive your customer development programs, you need to Develop customer loyalty programs while you Cross-sell/up-sell current customers. We can provide that for you.

Market Research

Market research is communicating with the right audience, knowing if what you're saying about your products and services is getting through, actually talking to people in your target audience, and discovering if, indeed, they're the ones you're looking for and if they're hearing what you want them to hear.
Our professionals can Profile ideal customers and increase awareness,
Lead Generation

We can convert raw leads to qualified prospects with purchasing authority. This process, if done by your sales team, is done so reluctantly and often very inefficiently. This task is best done by a focused and disciplined telemarketing professional.
Developing leads for your sales professionals makes economic sense and allows them to focus on closing the sale.
Lead Enhancement

Enhancement is the collection of additional pertinent data.
The value of lead enhancement is directly related to what additional pertinent data is collected. The most valuable enhancements add depth and breadth to the available pre-sales information. Depth of information increases the chances of closing while breadth of information increases the chances of selling additional products and services to the same prospect.
Focused and dedicated professionals provide the most cost effective results. Often this process includes a nurturing process to help open up the details and direction of the prospect.
Fulfillment Services

Efficiency is the name of fulfillment. A clean and routine process results in timely follow-up by the sales team and shorter sales cycles. Lack or delayed fulfillment often means loss of a valuable prospect to a competitor. Fulfillment services include Order processing, Put-together projects. Rebate Fulfillment, and Outbound Follow-ups.
Customer Service and Support

Customer Service is very important. According to Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer loyalty can result in at least a 25% increase in customer profitability. Without a formal team in place, customer service does not exist. This cannot be "when I think about it". If must be professionally managed and maintained. It includes all aspects of your business from Inbound customer support and technical assistance to order processing, request fulfillment, and well-designed follow-up. If you do not have a team in place, we will become that team.
It requires professionally managing and maintaining all aspects of customer service —inbound, outbound and web-based provides immediate, measurable results. These services can be applied as stand-alone applications or combined to deliver an integrated customer interaction program.


Database Cleanup

"Database Cleanup" sounds like a make-work job, something to keep someone's techie brother-in-law busy and in beer money. The truth is that working an expensive marketing campaign with a dirty list is throwing good money out the window. The costs of using bad names, addresses, phone numbers, zip codes and other critical data can sink otherwise successful projects. Database cleanup is an investment, not a cost.
It is estimated that 10% to 20% of your database contact information changes every year. Professionals like us, have routines to insure effective and efficient processes to find and update critical data. It is critical to insure cost effective sales and marketing campaigns.

Order Entry

If your volume of orders are overwhelming your personnel, look no further. We can pick up the slack. No matter the source (Web, Phone, Fax, or Internet). We can manage the complete process by connected to your system or via batch processes. We will implement a process that you feel comfortable with and that is cost effective. We can set up toll free numbers, fax lines and other options to meet your specific needs.

Renewing subscriptions by telephone for niche publishing companies or top 50 publications with circulations from one thousand to hundreds of thousands, our dedicated Mid-American account team gives the same attention to detail and full service that helps you realize maximum conversion rates on a cost effective basis.
Whether consumer or business-to-business, we'll conduct the program that meets your needs:

  • New name acquisition

  • Re-qualifications

  • Advanced renewal

  • End-of-series renewal

  • Donor renewal

  • Continuity programs

  • Reinstates/reactivations

  • Cross-sells or upsells

    We have flexible billing options and work with hourly rates, pay for performance and blended options.
    We also offer value-added services including final program analysis and list enhancements to strengthen your client relationships.


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