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TimeLinx is the powerful, yet flexible, project and timekeeping system for Sage SalesLogix.
Sage SalesLogix provides a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing, customer service, and support, so your teams can collaborate and respond promptly and knowledgeably to customer inquiries and opportunities. But for professional services organizations, there's another important component to customer satisfaction and retention: project and service management. And that's where TimeLinx comes in.

TimeLinx™ works directly inside of, and completely integrated with, Sage SalesLogix. TimeLinx™ offers your entire organization full visibility into customer projects and services, rather than having this information available only within the accounting system and limited to select staff. Salespeople know the status of customer work they have sold, and support staff and Project Managers have the full-details at their fingertips to support the customers and the implementation staff, all on an up-to-the minute basis.

Features and modules include network and web timesheets, project management, resource management, milestone and task management, expense management, Sage SalesLogix Activity, Calendar and Ticket integration, MS Project® synchronization, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile PDA clients, a custom Report Writer, and fully-integrated bi-directional labor billing and expense reimbursement synchronization with Sage MAS 500, Sage MAS 90/200, and Intuit QuickBooks®.

* Enable your staff and salespeople to track, monitor, manage, and analyze the progress of every project in your organization, all of your project information is linked to the appropriate Account information in Sage SalesLogix.
* Manage and track Projects, Resources, Schedules, Labor Billings and Costs, Expenses, Tasks, Contracts, Retainers, Tickets, and more...all from within Sage SalesLogix!
* Produce accurate invoices on a timely basis, manage profitability and costs, and eliminate costly and time-consuming duplicate data entry.

Does your billable time disappear into thin air?
Recording time and expenses accurately – and consistently - is one of the most difficult aspects of project management. How often does staff neglect to record the time spent writing a lengthy e-mail or taking a customer phone call? It's easy to forget blocks of time, especially when they rely on hand-written timesheets, or a spreadsheet. But added together, those forgotten, unbilled minutes can cost your business thousands!
TimeLinx helps you record all billable and non-billable time and their associated costs by making record-keeping fast and painless. Anytime Sage SalesLogix is open, TimeLinx is running, ready to receive time and expense information with a few mouse clicks. Time can also be entered from the field using the TimeLinx WebTimesheet, Sage SalesLogix Remote, TimeLinx for Windows Mobile® or TimeLinx Mobile for Blackberry®.
TimeLinx enables you and your team to:
  • Easily track billable and non-billable time and expenses

  • Schedule activities directly in the Sage SalesLogix calendar

  • Manage and schedule resources, including skills matching

  • Set, assign, and schedule project tasks with milestones

  • Rapidly create new projects from customizable project templates

  • Employ flexible contracts, retainers, and billing modes

  • Rapidly analyze profitability of projects, tasks, accounts, and consultants

  • Enter time from the field with the TimeLinx WebSheet

  • Schedule resources from anywhere with the TimeLinx WebCalendar

  • Automatically receive alerts about critical project events using Sage KnowledgeSync®

  • Avoid duplicate data entry through fully-integrated bi-directional labor billing and expense reimbursement synchronization with Sage MAS 500, Sage MAS 90/200, and Intuit QuickBooks®.

  • Integrate with Microsoft Project and produce project plans for management or customers complete with a full GANTT chart - with just a few clicks!

  • Manage projects and expenses in multiple currencies for global operations

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