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There are 2 components to TKDialogs; Dialog Player the runtime element which can be deployed internally and on the web and Dialog Builder a graphical development tool.

TKDialogs is designed for ease of use by the agent, ease of development by the business user and ease of deployment across multiple channels, (internally and on the web).

Dialog Player (end-user experience) Key Features

  • Intuitive browser-based interface leads the user step-by-step through a defined process

  • Split screen for dynamic and static content (side panels), allowing gadgets such as Google Maps and note taking

  • Pause and resume transactions

  • Seamless integration to CTI

  • Rich end-user interface -  images, links, progress bars and tables and many input types with built-in validation

  • Word, PDF and XML document generation

  • Email generation

  • Multi-channel: use in call centre (launched from a button or within an iframe), in-person and on website

  • Automates the creation of CRM records

  • Provides a simplified interface to all CRM data (including custom entities and fields)

  • Dialog Builder (graphical development tool) Key Features
  • Easy to use graphical script design tool

  • Classic decision tree structures with a familiar flow chart interface

  • CRM integration wizard

  • Handles all data types and formats

  • Links to multiple data sources

  • Transfer to payment sites using out-of-the-box functionality

  • Extendable using custom built .NET code

Business Benefits:
  • Reduction in transaction time

  • Reduction in training costs, initially and on-going

  • Better staff utilisation – multi-skilling

  • Resolution of enquiries at the first point of contact

  • Increased back office productivity

  • Rapid development and deployment

  • Rapid change, ability to re-act to business change

  • Better customer service

Product ID: TKDialogs SalesLogix CRM

Industries: Non-Industry Specific

Business Needs: Contact Management, Contract Management, Electronic Medical Records, HelpDesk/Support, Contact Management, HelpDesk/Support, Regulatory Management, Reporting & Decision Support, HelpDesk/Support

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