What we do:

Our CRM Services
extend from Needs assessment to post implementation support...

Our TeleMarketing Services include lead enhancement and lead generation to Sales, order entry and support...

Our Medical Products
focus on current injury and post surgery treatments. We provide products that are cutting edge that can lead to faster recovery and more consistent applicatioin of professionaly recommended treatment.
Vision Statement

ISSI has a full line of CRM products that improves business health, connectivity, and effectiveness. We will leverage our expertise and over 25 years in the business and 100's of implementations to create unrivaled solutions. We expect our clients to always have a significant return on their investment. Our clients will never receive anything less than superior support and service.

Our business focuses is broad but targets divisions of large corporations in the financial and service industry along with manufactures in the medical and industrial products industry. ISSI ensures a directed effort to accommodate the complete needs of smaller entrepreneurial companies as a platform to expand into new venues.

Our CRM solutions will provide a new confidence that leads our clients to:
  • Stronger competitive positions and greater focus
  • More rapid growth and improved profitability
  • Create more efficient and effective processes

ISSI strives to ensure our products and services are priced competitively against a very aggressive pool of competitors. We will use our extensive experience and expertise to deploy the most productive result for our clients. Our clients will never wish they had made a different decision.

Mission Statement

ISSI develops, builds, and sales powerful CRM solutions that lead to improved bottom lines for our clients. We also have access to powerful teleservices that can be accessed to further help our clients grow and succeed.

Our years of experience and breadth of expertise are continually applied to source and select cutting edge and next generation products and services. We will continually apply these valuable tools to the advantage of our clients.

Our mission is to continue to be a leader in the industry that we entered 1985 as innovator and early contributor.

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